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Business Process Re-engineering

Stakeholders to businesses of the 21st century are required to continuously improve business performance, minimize costs, reduce risks, and enhance revenue. Performance may not be meeting business requirements. Risks may not be appropriately managed. Support functions can be seen as inhibitors to growth. By looking with clients at a range of business areas including their internal processes, sourcing, third party contracts, and intellectual property, DBI can advise on which areas of company performance a business can leverage to streamline process, enhance control, and contain costs and business risks.
Organizations have a range of options to help them manage performance including process and control redesign, shared services models and outsourcing. Our teams can help clients develop the necessary information relating to customer, product and/or business line costs and profitability – helping to manage the risk associated with critical business decisions.
DBI work with clients to help:
✓ Establish performance benchmarks and key performance indicators that are clearly aligned with business objectives
✓ Determine the true profitability of products, services and customers, and establish performance and cost measurement systems
✓ Identify risk reduction and performance improvement opportunities
✓ Design and implement process redesign and shared service models
✓ Drive the sourcing strategy, vendor selection, contract negotiation and transition phases of outsourcing initiatives
✓ Enhance the value of existing third-party contracts, outsourcing deals through contract compliance, service level definition and contract renewal support
✓ Extract increased value from intellectual property.

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ICT Infrastructure

Through our partners such as Molex, DBI has committed to continuous learning and adhering to industry standards to ensure datacenter seamless integration between server, network and storage giving you a competitive edge in an accelerating market. DBI delivers complete data and computing solutions that are faster, smaller and more efficient – and optimized for superior signal integrity. When you work with Molex, you have a reliable source who helps you realize your next project, from Internet-of-Things integration to better networking performance.
By appointing us as your service provider, you are Preparing for tomorrow’s networking with an expert who is leading the industry to faster and faster speeds. DBI develops complete telecommunications and networking solutions for even the fastest networks, minimizing space by integrating RF, optical , copper and backplane into a solution customized for your project and enhances your ability to fully participate in the forth industrial revolution.

Enterprise Networks

We have partnered with global industry experts such as Cisco. Our Switching Solution are designed to scale to meet the needs of networks of all sizes with highly secure, reliable Cisco switching solutions. Also, the comprehensive portfolio of Cisco routers simplifies how to create a secure, reliable, and scalable network at lower cost. In the wireless domain, our solutions such as Cisco wireless networks provide the infrastructure to accelerate innovation for midsize and enterprise organizations. These solutions allow network infrastructure optimization. The ensures that our Enterprise Network services accelerate applications over the WAN, consolidate branch infrastructure, and empower cloud computing.

Infrastructure Security

We have partnered with Fortnet and Cisco to ensure that we offer tried, tested and approved ICT Infrastructure Security solutions. Our Network Security solutions does not only focus on the protection of organization’s data and know-how, but provides resilience against hacker-intrusion into company networks and protection of user identities as well. It protects the company network against DDoS attacks, which can result in service unavailability. The product also enables users to have a secure remote access to the company infrastructure.

• Cisco Cyber Security Operations

• Scalable solution.

• Expert teams of professionals certified for cutting-edge technologies.

• Professional installation and administration.

• Specialised consulting.

• Long-term experience in deploying security technologies.

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