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Innovating with a Digital Mindset

We are an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure building and system integration company, based in Port Elizabeth, serving Southern Africa region and beyond. Our core services include Next Generation Hyperconverged Infrastructure (Next Gen HCI), Internet Service Provider Networks (ISPs), web-scale data centre, business process automation, hybrid cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber Security. From the outset the decision was made to focus purely on the ICT niche and since that time we have built a reputation on providing leading-edge, tailored ICT solutions for clients drawn from the expertise and field experience of our engineers and consultants. Our people have the knowledge, expertise and know-how that simply cannot be matched.

We Provide Flexible Services

Focus of our core technologies is to enhance our ability to build business intelligence and market competitiveness to propel our customers and stakeholders to effectively participate in fourth industrial revolution (4IR). We are a firm rooted in entrepreneurship development, and our spirit of purpose and passion combined embodies this culture. Our primary goal is to contribute meaningfully to the creation and development of business in South Africa, African continent and beyond. Management team is young, dynamic, innovative, and highly qualified and experienced. We strongly believe in innovatively delivering services as well as encouraging our clients to differentiate themselves and attain a sustained competitive advantage through entrepreneurial behaviour, such as innovation, calculated risk-taking, and pro-activeness within their markets.

Our Values

Our values premised on sustaining the entrepreneurial, financial and technology innovation spirit on which DBI anchored, such as:

  • Diversity - We view diversity of culture, personality, education, gender, and other forms as a means for creative abrasion, sparking innovative solutions for our clients
  • Respect for self and others - We encourage mutual respect among our employees, as well as respect for all our clients and every company's stakeholder regardless of status.
  • Trust - We view trust as the basis of all our internal and external business dealings. Our clients must trust our expertise, through excellence of service and reliability.
  • Honesty - Integrity is in our DNA, and all our business dealings are straightforward and ascribe to the notion of calling things as they are and providing ethical solutions.
  • Generosity - We believe that children and businesses that emerge are a product of a communal effort, and as such we subscribe to giving back to communities to encourage a cycle of sustained development.
  • Innovation - We are committed to create an environment that encourages creative ideas and innovation on an on-going basis. Our innovation culture is premised upon eradicating fear from our stakeholders and employees to take risk where everyone feels safe to propose novel ideas that are not ridiculed no matter how crazy they sound. We also tolerate mistakes and failures are not penalised.

Leading Team

Meet Our Leadership

Lynette Mashiri

Business Development

Ignatius Kamunda

Operations Director

Tichaona Mashiri

Technical Director

Richard Jackson

Health & Safety Manager

Nolubabalo Bayi

Site Manager

Siya Mafumana

RF & Microwave Wireless Technician

Justice Chesango

Enterprise Network Specialist